Arrival Nottinghill


Arrived to a beautiful sunny crisp morning in London. 11Am and i am in my tiny Nottinghill flat. About to head out do a little exploring and get in some provisions.

Wonderful neighborhood. Lots to explore. Have discovered several charming pubs i will want to check out. Speedy, my friend, gave me a guide to London’s best pubs.. hunted one down and had a glass of wine after my exploring of Nottinghill, Kensington gardes

My new Nottinghill Digs: 45 Chepstow.

  1. John Markvoort said:

    Great to here you arrived safely and have already found the pubs. Great front door on your flat!

  2. dewolf45 said:

    Geri, you lucky stiff! – you seem to be having a great time so far. I hope work won’t impinge too much on the overall experience!

  3. Barbara Thompson said:

    Looking for my A to Z so I can “see” the route to your distinguished front door. You lucked out with the weather – gorgeous!

  4. Kathy G said:

    amazing pics! your stories (as always) so comical. Take care and keep the stories coming.

  5. Sonia Larin said:

    what a wonderful experience! good things happen to good people! Enjoy and keep us posted. Au plaisir de te lire bientôt,

  6. Melanie said:

    You sound like a brit already “bring in provisions”!

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