Christmas In London

For years i have heard how beautiful London can be at Christmas I wanted to make sure I did a post on Christmas in London. I have been taking pictures these past few weeks to give you a sense of Christmas in London

The Lights on Oxford Street. November 5th, the lights turn on with a street party hosted by some guy called Robbie Williams…sorry no idea who he is …but the lights are pretty cool.  They seem  to be sponsored by Marmite…. Somehow I can’t  figure out what a yeasty yucky spread—yup that’s what Marmite is— has to do with Christmas..but they light up the  street.










Regent street has the 12 days of Christmas theme…now that I get and I LOVED the look. Such a great street with stunning buildings. Part of what makes Christmas in London so amazing is the beauty of the buildings and the fact that the Brits light up the buildings in a very classy way. Check out these pictures

Regent Street Twelve Days of Christmas

Covent Rudolph

Covent garden had Christmas trees and the largest red Rudolph and red Christmasballs. Check them out!!!!



So for sure London at Christmas is worth the visit!!

  1. annette said:

    hey! i recognize a bunch of those photos! and the windows! Harrods were the best. Actually the only thing missing was a light sprinkling of snow!


  2. Sonia larin said:

    Great pictures! You have many talents! Great writer, excellent photographer amongst others…


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