LTD Living The Dream

href=””>Stepping Out from 45 Chepstow Road Stepping Out from 45 Chepstow Road[/caption]

Chat line…..Rachie and I
Rachie: yeah mom …..LTD
Me: LTD??
Rachie: Living the Dream mom!!!
Me: Yeah …..Rach love your definition.

LTD used to mean Long Term Disability to me in my world. Now it means Living The Dream
Rachie’s version of the acronym suits me to a tee right now.
Living the life in England! A weekend in Paris! All is good.
Loving London. Visiting all my favourite places. Stepping out!



Boroughs market for lunch with Sister-in-Law who came to visit. This has got to be the BEST Foodie Market. So many great marketers.. Jenny Dawson of Rubies in the Rubble, who brought disadvantaged women together, using local produce, produces great chutneys and of course employment! Lloyd Hayes who used to be a drug dealer and now a chef due to Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Foundations course and a regular demonstration chef at the Boroughs in his old neighborhood.Ronnie Hancock of Wright Brothers Oyster and Porter House..who brought back oysters from the Thames and serves them with Porter. Porter was a drink that emerged out of London, had a connection with the markets way back and a favourite of the workers…hence its name. Apparently the chocolate notes of porter balance very well with the salinity of oysters….alll fitted well with the borough.
Now me, I still prefer just having a Borough’s glass of proseco…nothing like it at 11 in the morning with the multitude of smells in the market.
My favorite purveyors Pieminster Pies..nothing like them …..Moopie, Chicken Funghi, and about 10 more. The Cherry Trees jams and chutneys..Spicey Tomato and Caramelized Onion, my current favorite and cheeses many places.. but Neal’s Yard Dairy right at the top..a must see shop. And for coffee the Monmouth Coffee shop…be prepared to line up though!!
Great Shows… latest was Once. An Irish busker, a Czech pianist and some fabulous musicians make for a great experience.
And of course real live busking at Portobello market!!!

Pub crawls along the Embankment,

cocktails at Sofitel and other swanky hotel bars
. High Tea at the Park Lane Hotel,
lunch at the food court in Harrods,
and of course popping into Prince Bonaparte..fav pub across the road after a day on the town.. eating and drinking one’s way through all London has to offer.
Sunday service at St Paul’s Cathedral
and a walk through the parks… glorious sunshine
A city for all the senses!!!

  1. Roger said:

    I love the boots!! Roger


  2. You are definitely LTD! It’s perfect for you! Susan Layman


  3. Phil Wilson said:

    Geri Sounds like you are truly LTD Lucky you. This week Thursday to be exact Marjolaine and I leave for the UK we arrive Friday in Manchester and then hop on train to visit relatives in Aberdeen Scotland then on Monday back to Manchester to attend both European hr conference and CIPD conference Really looking forward to networking and possibly business development. Opportunities in Europe To bad we aren’t in London area as wewould swing by and see you Cheers


    Phil Wilson VP HR Felix Global Eastern & Northern Ontario 1 (613) 831-2234(o) 1 (613) 853-6261(m) Sent from iPhone



  4. dewolf45 said:

    Geri, how wonderful ! Enjoy to the fullest. “He who is tired of London is tired of life” – Samuel Johnson said it so well (have you visited his house yet?) Eleanor


  5. said:

    Beste Gerdien Weer bedankt voor je e-mail met alle mooie foto’s. Goed beschouwd heb je het erg goed gedaan in je leven: Een goede studie gedaan, een goed stel kinderen afgeleverd, een interesant beroep gekozen en een geslaagde ‘oude dag’ voorbereid. Ik denk er vaak aan hoe gelukkig je vader en moeder zouden zijn geweest als ze dit allemaal hadden mogen meemaken. Ik hoop, dat we je binnen niet al te lange tijd ook weer eens in Almelo zullen zien. De laatste keer was erg gezellig. Groeten van je ouwe oom


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